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The most effective way to permanently remove unwanted hair by one of the best medical laser machines GentleLase (laser not IPL) from US company CANDELA, with patented cooling system DCD – maximal results with minimal number of treatments, with comfortably smooth skin right after the first treatment, and for the best prize (starting from 9,90 €)!



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The basis of the Hydrafacial treatment is a unique technology VORTEX fusion, which provides penetration of active molecules deeply into the skin structure, and thus provides proper hydration, rids the skin of toxins; and synchronously protects it by injecting antioxidants. The result of the Hydrafacial treatment is immediate – cleansed, taut skin, and unified skin tone. Hydrafacial MD is a treatment, which adapts to requirements and problems of your skin – dryness, oiliness, acne, signs of aging,... Try it for yourself – but beware, it's addictive!



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BioREV 100% collagen

BioREV 100% collagen assists skin regeneration and contributes to the formation of collagen by stimulating epidermal self-healing processes. It hydrates and tautens the skin; and increases skin elasticity. Moreover, it prevents skin aging and so called “photoaging”. BioREV is applied intradermally, by injecting the serum into deeper layers of the skin. We recommend to undergo this treatment in 3 or 4 sessions, three or four weeks apart (starting from 99 €).



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Radial shockwave treatment (AWT) D-ACTOR MP100 STORZ MEDICAL is modern, highly effective method of application of an acoustic wave on problematic body parts. If you are bothered by cellulite or striae (stretch marks); and you want to reduce fat deposits on the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, strenghten and rejuvenate your skin, and eliminate swelling; the shockwave treatment is just the thing for you (starting from 25 €).



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Treatment principle is based on the action of laser beams inside the skin. Significant heating and increased blood supply stimulate the collagen and elastic fiber and their subsequent production. The skin surface is taut and softened, pigment spots are removed, and tiny widened capillaries are reduced. The positive effect of the photorejuvenation is that the skin gains radiance and rejuvenation, and consequently, increased flexibility and strenght, as well as improved skin condition and unified skin tone. This process continues even a month or two after the treatment. To achieve the best results, we recommend between 4 and 6 sessions, three or four weeks apart (starting from 40 €).



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The most effective weapon against wrikles. You don't need surgery and scars in order to smooth out wrinkles and get a youthful look. Injecting the botulinum toxin is a fast, simple, and painless way to immediately smooth out wrinkles. The most frequent locations for injections are areas on the forehead, nasal bridge, and around the eyes. The ideal age for this procedure is between 18 and 65 years (from 89 €).



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One of the most effective methods of natural prevention of aging, by using self-regenerating mechanisms of the skin. Micropunctures stimulate the production of the collagen and elastic fiber, as well as the production of new skin cells. It is an ideal solution for all who prefer natural methods of prevention of aging, rather than procedures of aesthetic medicine (alt. botox, hyaluronic acid). Due to skin microperforation, active substances penetrate deeply into the skin, 80% more effectively than during surface application of cosmetics (starting from 35 €).



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Intended for deep skin renewal and rejuvenation, wrinkle and pigment spots reduction, and significant acne improvement. In addition, chemical peeling helps hydrate the skin, heals seborrhea and scars; and unifies skin tone (starting from 25 €).



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Black pearl SUPERDETOX is revolutionary detoxification treatment that contains pure vegetable, active charcoal, developped for gray, dehydrated, and tired skin which needs energy. The charcoal effectivly cleanses the skin from toxic substances, fights against aging, and returns lost radiance to the skin (starting from 25,90 €).



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